February 15, 2018

IDACA President’s Inaugural Speech



  1. FY2016 ICA/Japan Training Course on Fostering Core Leaders of Agricultural Cooperatives
  2. FY2017 JICA Training Course on “Development of Agricultural Cooperatives and Improvement of Management Capacity (A)”


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IDACA President’s Inaugural Speech

- Contribution to the Development of the Global Cooperative Movement and International Cooperation -

Toru Nakaya
President, IDACA
President, JA-ZENCHU

In August 2017, I was elected the 15th president of JA-ZENCHU and president of IDACA. IDACA was established in 1963 through the valuable efforts of Mr. Yasushi Hasumi, who served as the first president of JA-ZENCHU, to serve as a “place to foster solidarity in the international community by providing learning opportunities within the agricultural cooperative movement in Japan for leaders engaged in cooperative movements in developing countries.” IDACA, which has a history already exceeding half a century, has accepted more than 6,300 participants in its training courses so far. Some of the former participants are actively working as leaders of the agricultural cooperative movement, while some are serving as government officials in charge of promoting the development of cooperatives. In this way, the community of graduates of IDACA training courses has spread to about 130 countries in the world including Asia. The human resources development training programs at IDACA for those involved in cooperatives in the Asian region and other parts of the world have won high acclaim both at home and abroad.

Although the global economic society is currently within the tidal current of market fundamentalism, cooperatives have increasingly received high praise in the international community as evidenced in the registration of cooperat ives as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage in November 2016. This means that the cooperative movement that is being promoted all over the world is an important property of mankind, and that the international community is urged to carry on and develop this movement. In addition, in the sense of correcting an economy and society based on excessive market principles to a sustainable society, the role of the cooperative movement has become more and more important.

Under these circumstances, the training of human resources who will lead the promotion of the cooperative movement in developing countries is important, and the international community has expecta- tions for the roles of IDACA, which has a track record spanning more than half a century as a member of the JA group. Moving forward, IDACA will make further efforts through training programs, etc. in collaboration with ICA (International Co-operative Alliance), Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), etc. to ensure that IDACA training participants will contribute to the development of the cooperative movement in various countries including those in Asia and develop into people who have a good understanding of agriculture in Japan and the JA.

JA-ZENCHU President Nakaya elected as ICA board member

JA-ZENCHU President Nakaya, who is also IDACA President, was elected as an ICA board member on November 17, 2017 in Malaysia.

IDACA President Nakaya observed the exhibition of cooperative products in Malaysia with a former IDACA participant and ICA-AP staff at the ICA General Assembly venue (2nd from left is IDACAPresident Toru Nakaya, while at the far left is Ms. Yuki Kawai, Chairperson of National Council of JA Women’s Association.)