What is IDACA?

Message from the President

JA Group's international cooperation activities undertaken by IDACA

In August 2017, I was elected the 15th president of JA-ZENCHU, and then I subsequently assumed the post of IDACA President

IDACA, which is responsible for the international cooperation activities of the JA Group, was established through the valuable efforts of Mr. Yasushi Hasumi, who served as the first president of JA-ZENCHU. IDACA was established in 1963 to serve as a “place to foster solidarity in the international community by providing learning opportunities within the agricultural movement in Japan for leaders engaged in cooperative movement in developing countries.”
IDACA’s history has already exceeded half a century, and the number of participants it has received so far has exceeded 6,500 people.

Among the participants of IDACA training courses, there are many people who are serving as leaders of the agricultural cooperative movement, or moreover, actively working as government officials having jurisdiction over the development of cooperatives. As such, the circle of former participants of IDACA training courses has spread to about 130 countries in the world, including Asian countries. In addition, human resources development training programs at IDACA for officials of cooperatives in the world including the Asian region have also received high praise from within and outside Japan.

Moving forward, IDACA will make further efforts to contribute to the development of the cooperative movement in various countries including those in Asia as well as coexistence with the world through training programs, etc. in collaboration with ICA (International Co-operative Alliance), Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), etc. so that IDACA training participants will develop into people who understand agriculture and JAs in Japan very well.

IDACA理事長JA全中会長中家 徹
President of IDACA
President of JA ZENCHU

Introduction of IDACA

Name of organization Institute for the Development of Agricultural Cooperation in Asia (IDACA)
Address 2-30-14, Morino, Machida-shi, Tokyo 194-0022 Japan
TEL +81-42-860-7801
FAX +81-42-860-7802
URL http://www.idaca.or.jp/
Organizational Structure 組織図

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■ Address
2-30-14, Morino, Machida-shi, Tokyo 194-0022 Japan

● 7 minute-walk from Odakyu Machida Station
● 10 minute-walk from JR Machida Station

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