The Board of Directors decided to appoint two new advisors at its meeting on July 27.

The two newly-appointed advisors are Mr. Balasubramanian G Iyer, Regional Director of International Co-operative Alliance-Asia & Pacific (ICA-AP), and Ms. Arianna Giuliodori, Secretary General of WFO (World Farmrs’ Organization).


IDACA News updated

 IDACA News has now been renewed in the latest issue No.117.

The News, which has been so far printed and delivered by mail, will appear on our website, hoping that the News will get more people interested in the information in it.


ICA/IDACA Follow up program (online) in FY 2020 was closed on April 15.

The selected former participants of the past ICA training courses reported implementation status and progress of their action plans, and including successfully-completed cases.

All IDACA staff members realized again that the ICA-Japan training courses have contributed to development and improvement of agricultural cooperatives for all the participating countries.


ICA/IDACA Follow up program started

ICA/IDACA Follow up program (online) in FY 2020 started on April 9.

The objectives of the program are to make surveys of the implementation status and progress of action plans of the former participants who have participated in the ICA training courses, and to report on the successfully-implemented action plans.

The on-line program will have 14 former participants from 10 countries with the presentation on result of their action plans.


President Nakaya came to IDACA!

President Nakaya came to IDACA on April 6th. We, official and staff, had a chance to pleasant talk with him after a brief observation, the president said, "As a board member of ICA, every time I go abroad for ICA’s meetings, I often heard ‘I have participated in the IDACA’s training course’ or ‘the training course at IDACA was very useful for us’, and so on, which made me full recognized IDACA's activities have been contributing to the development of overseas agricultural cooperatives.”